Young Girl’s Dream


Youth’s Imperfection

She preened before the mirror,

And tossed her head and smiled.

And imagined shapely figure

That flaunted busty style.

She swayed and dipped and curtsied,

And dreamed she’d dance through life.

With a tall, dark, handsome stranger

Who’d claim her for his wife.

She visioned low-cut stunning gown.

And bosom full and firm.

A tiny waist, long flowing skirt,

Such illusions made her squirm.

Excitedly she laughed out loud,

And burst into a song.

Then dancing ‘round in circles

She pirouetted wrong.

Quite suddenly she tripped her foot

And stumbled just a trifle.

All fantasy dissolved at once,

A sigh, she could not stifle.

As in the mirror truth revealed,

More years she’d have to wait.

Youth’s impatience was her foe,

Alas, her beads hung straight.

(Inspired by the movie “Thoroughly Modern Millie”)

©May Baker Winkel