The Wedding Gift


To the bride I give this special pan.

Fill it with his favorite pie.

Love and devotion it will express

And you’ll hear his grateful sigh.

Occasionally make a different kind.

Variety adds spice.

Don’t let your diet become dull

A change of pace is nice.

Do what you can to comfort him,

Attention he will love.

And he will treat you like a queen

Call blessings from above.


To you, the groom, I give this vase

That you may think to fill.

Not only on those special days

Or if she’s feeling ill.

Surprise her with some flowers

To show your class and style.

She’ll know how much you love her

And she will surely smile.

They need not be expensive,

Or even large amounts.

Just something sweet or colorful,

It’s the thought that really counts.


It’s the little things each of you do

The things that show you care.

That really make a marriage work

Build respect and love so rare.

Be patient, tender and concerned

Always put your loved one first.

To know how much you mean to each

Your heart will fairly burst.

Show each other often how blessed you are

With actions, words and feelings.

Be honest, trusting, considerate and fair,

In all your lifelong dealings.

` May Baker Winkel ©July 2000