Wanted: A Friend

I find, while in my youth

How much I need a friend

Who will love and understand me

And help my hurts to mend.

When paths anew confront me

And choices need be made.

How much happier I’d be

If friends helped make the grade.

When my peers are thus instructed

Or among themselves decide

To have no more to do with me

And shun me, how I cried.

They judge me quite unfeelingly

As hypocrites are wont to do

Assuming they’re too good for me

I’m nothing! In their view.

God says I must forgive

Or my sin is worse than theirs

I plead to have the stamina

Each time I say my prayers

God says, “How great shall be thy glory

If ye bring but one into the fold.”

I wonder at the price to pay

For one you’ve sent into the cold.

©May Baker Winkel