A Tribute to my Sister

There was never a person as lucky as me,

For I have a sister named Cleo, you see.

I’m blessed with four sisters and four brothers, too.

But Cleo, you’re special, there’s no one like you.

Born during the Depression, you were rich with love

and parents adoring you still, from above.

Happiest when sharing the splendors of earth,

Loving people and life from the day of your birth.

Life’s not been easy, you’ve worked, laughed and cried

And conquered each challenge and took it in stride.

Whatever your calling, all can feel rest assured

It’s done with humility and trust in the Lord.

An excellent seamstress, your talents are many

Your quilts of perfection could bring quite a penny.

Their beauty is not just simply a quirk,

Each takes hours and hours of backbreaking work.

When I married Leon, somewhere you found time

To sew all the dresses in our wedding line.

And as a surprise did expertly make

A lovely new wardrobe for me to take.

A gourmet dinner you served to each guest

A marvelous hostess, you’re surely the best.

With infinite patience and hope in your view

You’ve guided and helped me, my whole lifetime through

I shudder and blush each time I recall

How often I err and embarrass us all.

And yet your compassion is endless I see

For you still speak to- and do much for- me.

A wonderful sister, an angelic sample

One I’ll always look up to, a perfect example.

I’m honored to join in this tribute today

Dear Cleo I LOVE YOU!

from your sister, May.