A Tribute

Only words you say-

Perhaps– to some,

But, from this friend

The sadness of a heart

Feeling deeply the loss

of one held dear.


Truly a special spirit,

Blessed by God.

Sent to give love

And joy.

To those about her.

‘Tho the pain be great,

A smile always

To greet a friend,

To cheer another.

An inspiration

To all she met.

Long she has suffered,

Yet bravely.

Ever true to her convictions.

Her obvious adoration

For her family,

And they, for her.




To three sons,



So proud of each.

How desperately

She wanted them to


To love God.

For her husband,

A knowing look,

A trembling smile,

A gentle touch.

Such a deep tender love,

Each for the other.


Melva has gone ahead

To prepare.

To wait in “Celestial glory”

For her “Dolph.”

And when that

Day of reunion

Shall come,

How great their joy.

The blessed love

They have shared

To continue

Into the eternities.

Dear God,

What greater thing

Than to be

Truly loved?

For her friends and family,

Melva left much.

The inspiration gained

From having known her,

The comfort

Of loving memories.

The challenge

Of living.



February 1976