Quick “Check Out”

How nice it might be,

if we could plan our demise.

To leave this existence

for Heaven’s paradise.

Of course we’d all choose

the easy way out.

With the least of resistance,

Quick and quiet, no doubt.

Most would decide,

I am reasonably certain,

to ‘go’ in their sleep;

draw life’s final curtain.

While tucked snugly in bed,

for this ‘Out’ I am guessing

one would have to be special

to warrant this blessing.

No hours, days or years

of humiliation or pain.

No dependence on others

our care to sustain.

This sounds like a dream,

a rainbow of wishing;

to find out the way

for suggestions, I’m fishing.

For all of God’s children

I’m sure there’s a plan.

But accepting one’s fate

is not easy for man.

So dream on everybody,

just hope for the best

when it’s your time to ‘go’

to your final rest.

Just pray that you’ve passed

the requirements of life-

That your ‘going’ may be easy,

and devoid of all strife.

May Baker Winkel © 7/2000