I’ve decided to write a frivolous verse-

A story that’s found o’er the whole universe;

About an ornery old man looking for a good nurse.

He found someone needing some cash in her purse.

She believed his big promise to liberally imburse

And agreed to the terms he did smoothly rehearse.

Thinking, finally her lack would be in reverse

Carefully his treatment and meds did disperse.

She worked long and hard, his orders were terse

And put up with his whims, so often adverse.

Often finding her duties to be quite diverse

She tried not to hurt when her care he did curse.

When finally his last ride, he took in a hearse

She did not expect that things could get worse.

But dreams of security, like a bubble did burst

As lawyers and kin quickly emptied his purse.

May B. Winkel ©2003