Oh, Endless Diet

Diets are forever-

Now wouldn’t you just know

Some have to fight obesity

No matter where they go.

A luscious dish of ice cream

Or tasty chocolate cake

Are only just a small amount

Of things one mustn’t take.

It doesn’t do a bit of good

To pass up apple pie

If after that you slyly snitch

A candy bar to try.

Don’t think of all the goodies

And no-no’s on the list

Just sigh, and turn away your eyes

Determined to resist.

And always keep in mind the thought

That some day soon you’ll be

Slender, stunning, feeling great

Oh, would that this were me!

But diets are forever-

And ‘tho my willpower is quite weak

Persistently, I’ll struggle on

To reach the goal I seek.

©May Baker Winkel