Meet Mrs. Kevorkian of Horticulture!

Growing plants is not my talent,

I have known this for some time.

So I thought I was a smarty

When I bought that little vine.

Then one day I had a visit

From a friend of many years,

Who had knowledge of my limits,

And verified my fears.

Said her sight was less than perfect,

(I’m sure she meant well, in her way)

While examining my ivy,

She had the nerve to say:

“Such a lovely little plant, dear,

But it seems to need attention!

Have you given it some plant food?

Sprayed for bugs?” she then did mention.

To hide this crime I have committed,

I must now take actions drastic!

Not to let my ‘Green Thumbed’ friends know

I have killed one made of plastic !

May Baker Winkel © 1996