Pausing to look out my window

At the crusted, dirty snow.

My mind, listlessly thinking

When will the winter go?

Well, imagine my excitement

For the world outside looked strange.

The sun was shining brightly

My whole attitude did change.

I could not contain my pleasure

My heart and voice did sing.

How wondrous this day became

Oh finally, it is Spring!

Then right before my very eyes

A breeze began to stir.

Gently first, for flying kites

Then fiercely, it did whir

And just as quickly did it cease

Gray clouds blocked out the sun.

As softly, gently, raindrops fell.

Varieties prize, this day had won.

Well I could plainly see now

How it had earned the rumor

It’s a month of fun and mischief

Yes, March has a sense of humor!

©May Baker Winkel