Malicious Havoc

Have you cast feathers in the wind?

Did you answer Satan’s call

To crucify your brother,

Destroy his name, his all?

To gossip or insinuate

That another is not pure,

Is a sin so very heinous

Think you, the judge and jur’?

Once an untruth has been uttered

It can never be recalled

‘Tho you may try to stop it

It has mushroomed, undissolved.

It will rage like fire, wild!

Fanned by deceitful tongue.

Spread as a deadly virus

A cancer, fully run.

Casting feathers in the wind

Soils too, your own good name.

Is your conscience truly clear?

Are you sure you hold no blame?

Each act of indiscretion

Is a victory slyly won.

The gaining of your very soul

Bought by the evil one.

Your day of judgement soon will come

My prayer is that you have not sinned;

And can look your Savior in the eye

Saying “I have cast no feathers in the wind.”

May B. Winkel ©1997