Like What?

Is my hearing going?

I find it so confusing.

Some of the words

Young people now are using.

I know what they said,

But what did they mean?

To have it make sense

Must one be a teen?

“I go”

I go; where did you go?

Did you take a walk?

I thought you and your friend

Were having a talk!

“Cool man”

Cool man; now does that mean

Someone is freezing?

Is it a snowman

Or someone who’s sneezing?

“She like”

She like; what does she like

Or perhaps, even, who?

Is she thin as a fence post

Or an angel to view?

“Far out”

Far out where? In outer space

Or across the sea?

Will it ever be in reach

Of you or me?

©2005 May Baker Winkel