Letters to Santa

This Christmas in the ________ Ward

There’ll be a tale to tell.

All the little notes to Santa

Got mixed up with some from--well?

First Brother _______ discovered

That his sock had sprung a leak

His momma’d tried to tell him

He’d regret that meanness streak!

Sister _______ knew for sure

Her note had gone astray.

When she opened that enormous gift

And found a bale of hay.

That thing in Brother _______ shoes

Doesn’t smell like something chocolate.

That lump of something kinda’ brownish

Was just his dirty socklet.

Sister _______ opened what she hoped

Would be a cute new blouse.

But all she found was cookie crumbs

And a frightened little mouse.

Brother _______asked for tools

Just imagine his surprise.

When he got a little puppy

With sad and doleful eyes!

Brother _______ has always wanted

A parrot who could talk.

But this year his gift from Santa

Was a fruitcake, hard as ROCK!

Brother _______ asked for a violin

Such music he could make.

Instead, his gift was a bit weird

A mix for Crocker cake.

Brother _______ wanted a recliner

As soft as clouds of foam.

But Santa left a dresser set

Of matching brush and comb.

Sister _____ is always on a diet

(and so what else is new?)

Santa left a great big box

Of chocolates signed ‘Just for You.’

Brother _____ had his heart set

On a fire engine red!

But if you’re nice he just might let

You share his instead.

Brother _______ got a pair

Of dainty little slippers.

For fishing he would rather had

Boots that reach clean past his hippers!

Brother _______ remembered he had

Wanted a train set as a kid.

Santa must be most confused

He left a kettle with a lid.

Brother _______ had visions

Of winning on the course,

With golf clubs in a fancy bag.

He got a sway-backed horse!

Sister _______ had her heart set

On roses, long and slender stems.

Alas, what shall she do?

With a box of fake gems.

Of course you know there has to be

Some coal-a great big lump.

Now would you ever have believed

Brother _______ surely now has sunk.

With wrappings scattered everywhere

You would think that’s surely all.

There’s one more ‘neath the pretty tree

It’s for Brother _______ . A Barbie doll?!

May B. Winkel ©2003