LaNell and Me

Remember how we used to play

down by the little stream?

And in our world of make-believe

of wonders we did dream.

Built marvelous little houses

from rocks and sticks and sand.

With many varied, special rooms;

Great mansions we did plan.

Sometimes we’d have a bakery

Mud cookies we would make.

And put them carefully on a rock

left in the sun to bake.

Remember how the deep warm sand

Felt good on our bare feet?

And once we thought of “store-bought bread”

as actually a treat!

Fearlessly we often trod

Upon the nearby hill,

And played beneath the cedar trees

Built swings for dolls to fill.

The carefree days of childhood.

How pleasant to recall;

Our innocence and lasting faith

Our eager trust in all.

May B. Winkel ©1977