Just a Few Seconds More

There must, at least, ten sisters be.

Five minutes to - and we are short three.

In the furtherest corner on the basement floor,

To get to my packet takes a few seconds more.

Braving the stairs, for me a disaster,

I’ll take the ‘lift,’ surely it will be faster.

Here comes a wheelchair - hold open the door

Well - it will take just a few seconds more.

A stop on two, to let the chair out;

I really must hurry, I know without doubt.

Quickly, I try to close the ‘lift’ door,

Someone is saying, “Wait a few seconds more!”

Finally! Grabbing my packet, I pick up a name.

To be first in line was surely my aim.

Here I lucked out - as attendance was poor.

I’m going to make it! My thoughts seemed to soar.

Back in the ‘lift’ I push number three

Patrons planning on lunch, file in behind me.

Street clothes are frowned at on the top floor -

Alas, back to the basement, a few seconds more.

Again I try the Session to gain

Stopped on two again! Oh no - what a pain!

They needed directions to reach the back door,

Explaining lower-level parking took seconds times four!

At last! I’ve made it to floor number three.

Oh, I do hope they have waited for me.

Rounded the corner as they closed the door.

Sigh. I could have made it with a few seconds more.

May Winkel ©1998