The Gremlin

I have a little gremlin

Who laughs in great delight.

While hiding many little things

Somewhere just outa’ sight.

I know that when I put them down

They should be still right there.

But, when I go to pick them up

They seem to be nowhere.

I look and search and hunt

And scratch my head, confused.

While that pesky little gremlin

Jumps up and down amused.

I know that gremlin’s purpose

Is just to frustrate me.

And it does a real bang-up job

As you can plainly see;

There must be more than one of them

To always keep me guessing

Oh, surely age is not to blame

Loss of mind, I’m not confessing.

Someday I’ll find all of those things

That I have just set down

They’re surely in one great big heap

Just waiting to be found.

And when that day does come, I’m sure

I’ll give a great big sigh.

They’re in such an obvious place

To think them lost, I wonder why?

May B. Winkel ©2003