My friend does a ritual dance,

with skill she does perform.

She chants and turns and dips her head

into a vat of water warm.

She starts by carefully spreading on

some potion from a vial,

And waves her fingers through her hair

in mystic magic style.

Again she dips into the vat

her tresses to de-foam.

Then carefully she parts each strand

with a wand shaped like a comb.

She rolls her eyes and frowns and chants

at locks that try to stray.

And grits her teeth and fusses

using words I cannot say.

She wraps it round a special rod,

more potions she does use.

And hopes when all is said and done

she’ll have the latest ‘do’.

The hairs upon her head she charms

each strand, yes, every lock.

Then wraps it in a special band

that looks like an old sock.

I’m told this special dance is done

by many a mom and girl.

It requires patience and some skill;

and is called the curler whirl.

May B. Winkel ©2003