50 th Class Reunion

For years we have scattered, gone our separate ways.

To gather us in, took months, weeks and days.

This big get-together is both fun and a shock,

One can’t help but notice the effect of life’s clock.

We look at each other, the past we remember,

Things surely have changed, from our May to December.

Sigh, most were thin then and really quite svelte,

Many now must add inches to lengthen their belt.

As to hair, What is that? you’ll hear some of us say.

For those who still have it, ‘it’s’ mostly all gray.

One who was always quick with the wit

Lives in his own world, no longer ‘with it’

And one who was shy and always so quiet,

Is now motor-mouthed and thinks she’s a riot.

Some gained success with acts hard to follow;

Others have struggled; for some, life is hollow.

Some have found much to keep active and going.

And others have settled for sitting and “no”ing.

Our numbers have dwindled, so many are gone.

For those who are left, life simply goes on.

Life is a circus, each one his own act

Who must go on performing ‘til death seals the pact.

So enjoy all you can in life’s big circus tent

Who knows who’ll be left for one more such event!

May Baker Winkel - Class of 1950