Anguish Not, My Friend

All God’s children are not perfect

Including me and you.

So when ignorance or prejudice

Has limited our view.

We need not be so pious

As to think it is our place

To impose our personal sentence

Upon the human race.

Could we be so presumptive

As to judge our fellow-man?

Would we take the privilege of the Lord

Right out of His own hand?

If there’s been a sin committed

Leave it between the sinner and his Savior.

Let us rid ourselves of anguish

And worry not, of his behavior.

We must pay attention every hour

Watch our conduct very close.

When we are standing at His footstool

Our own records to expose.

Can we look up with clear conscience?

Will we hang our head in shame?

And confess unto our Maker

We have soiled our brother’s name.

May B. Winkel, © 1996