A Gift

A bubbly sound,

A joyful cry.

Enraptured face,

Bright sparkling eye.

Whole body full of dancing

Excitement running high.

A child’s pure delight,

All children, you or I.

Bursting forth our pleasure

“A gift for me! Oh my.”

How rewarding such a happening,

Now do you wonder why

The occurrence gives you also

An exaggerated “high?”

To share this wondrous touching scene

Just let me verify.

To ever have experienced it

Will greatly satisfy.

So be so very generous

And every day do try

To make another happy

With a gift you need not buy.

A gift of self,

A touch, a sigh

A moment just for listening,

Some tenderness, a cry.

Contagious be each thoughtful act

Perhaps to multiply.

But for this miracle to happen

Will depend on you and I.

©May Baker Winkel